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Safety Protocols

Getting Your Hair Cut Should Not Be Risky.

On-Demand hair services are the safest way to get your hair cut or styled. A traditional barbershop poses many risks that can be avoided by ordering a licensed barbering professional to your location instead. Waiting rooms are filled with people that may be carriers of flu, Coronovirus or other illnesses that can be avoided altogether through the social distancing that on-demand service like The Gentleman's Valet.

Social Distancing.

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) has handed down recommendations on reducing exposure to COVID-19, Flu, and other viruses by limiting time spent in groups of 50 or more through Social Distancing. Dr. Richard White, Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Biology, who performed his post-doctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic said, “Coronavirus and exposure to it comes through contact with those infected, much like Influenza. The best course of action is to avoid areas with prolonged exposure to others who may be carriers. Barbershops, hair salons and any other areas with shared surfaces and air in the same room fit that which should be avoided to be safer.”

The Gentleman's Valet limits your exposure to crowds. A Master Barber licensed by the State of Ohio and trained in proper sanitation techniques will come to you to perform your service, removing your time in a crowded waiting room.

Sanitized Environment

Every service with The Gentleman's Valet starts and ends with safety in mind through a thorough sanitation protocol. First, a single-use, sterilized hair tarp is placed on the location of the service to protect your floor from germs and hair debris. This hair tarp serves as a boundary to protect your space. At the end of the service, the barber rolls up the hair tarp and disposes of it. They then clean any excess particles that may have moved from the area.

At the end of every service, the equipment used during the service follows the same decontamination protocol that is used by infectious disease labs and every item is disinfected using a bleach mix. All combs and cutting utensils also follow the protocol mandated by the State to ensure safety and reduce the spread of germs.

1) All barbers will be wearing a face mask during your service.

2) We are using alcohol wipes recommended by the CDC to wipe down our gear before and after all services along with using professional barber cleaning sprays (barbicide) and lysol on all tools. Disinfectants being used are EPA List N registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal.

3) Weather-permitting, we are comfortable to do your service outside or in any well-ventilated area in-doors. Location of your service is your personal preference as our barbers use all wireless tools and feel protected and safe in their personal PPE.

4) All barbers have completed and passed the Certificate in Infectious Diseases and Infection Control along with Barbicide Certification as of May 1st 2020.

5) The Gentleman's Valet is fully licensed, insured/bonded along with being HIPAA compliant for in-home services.